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Size Guide

We source our clothing from a wide range of manufacturers. As such, the exact measurements of each size can vary greatly. If you are unsure about sizing, please contact us prior to purchase and we will try to advise you on which size you should purchase.

Please note: all items of clothing are men's unless otherwise stated in the title, e.g. "Super Mario Ladies T-Shirt" or "Angry Birds Boys Hoodie"

Approximate sizing for some types of clothing:

Men's Tops
XS: 34-36"
S: 36-38"
M: 38-40"
L: 40-42"
XL: 42-44"
XXL: 44-46"

Ladies' Tops
XS: 6-8 UK
S: 8-10 UK
M: 10-12 UK
L: 12-14 UK
XL: 14-16 UK

Children's Tops (by height)
Age 8: 128cm
Age 10: 140cm
Age 12: 152cm
Age 14: 164cm
Age 16: 176cm

Ladies' Leggings
(when laid flat)
S: 94-95cm length, 34-35cm hip-to-hip, 10cm ankle
M: 96-97cm length, 36-37cm hip-to-hip, 11cm ankle
L: 98-99cm length, 38-39cm hip-to-hip, 12cm ankle
XL: 100-101cm length, 40-41cm hip-to-hip, 13cm ankle